Tuesday 4 March 2014

Have You Noticed the Revolution Happening at Bendigo Animal Hospital?

Parasitic infection is one of the most significant preventable diseases in your dogs and cats. Parasites can be passed from pet to pet, from the ground and environment, from some types of food, and from biting insects such as mosquitoes. These parasites can be affecting your pet’s health with very little external sign of infection. It is also very important to remember that your pets love sharing, even giving some of their parasites to you and your family.
Diseases that affect human and other animals are called zoonoses. Zoonotic parasites that affect your pets include toxoplasmosis, ringworm and roundworms. When these parasites infect humans (not their preferred host) they can cause serious diseases such as loss of pregnancy, skin disease and vision loss.

There are three main types of parasites that we need to consider when talking about your pet’s parasite control. These are:

• External parasites - your common fleas, mites and ticks.

• Intestinal worms - round worms, hookworms and tapeworms

• Heartworm - a parasite which lives in the blood stream or heart and is spread by mosquitoes.

We know keeping on top of all these parasites can be confusing, especially with the range of products available in pet shops, online and in supermarkets.

The Veterinary team here at B.A.H. have looked at the options. In most situations we feel that Revolution will provide the most complete, safe and easy parasite control for your fur family. Remember protecting your pets along with basic hygiene is also the best way to protect your human family.

Revolution, unlike other products is not a poison. It has a wide safety margin which means even if your pet somehow gets the incorrect dose they shouldn’t have any problems.

Revolution provides comprehensive flea protection. Did you know that only 5% of a flea population is on your pet? The environment is where 95% of the problem lies. Revolution treats your home as well as your pet, with dander from your pet becoming toxic to the juvenile flea life-stages.

Revolution also has heartworm covered. Heartworm is a deadly parasitic infection where mosquitoes pass the blood born parasite from an infected dog to other pets including cats. Infection results in serious heart and lung conditions or even sudden death.

Cats treated with Revolution also benefit from its protection against intestinal worms.

To make keeping your dogs healthy and happy Revolution even supplies your intestinal worming tablets when you purchase a six month supply.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to apply Revolution.

Remember that if you are unsure about the use of any parasite control products it best to check with your veterinarian. There are many myths about pet health care some of which can be dangerous. For example, giving garlic to your pet to prevent fleas, which may work, but only at levels that are toxic to your pet. We recommend never giving garlic to your domestic pets.

Every pet and family is different so no one parasite solution fits for everyone. If you plan on travelling with your pet please have a chat with your veterinarian as there are different parasites and diseases that may need consideration. Your veterinary clinic is the best resource for finding the right solution for to keep your family protected. To celebrate our Revolution, Bendigo Animal Hospital is offering 25% off 6 month supplies of comprehensive parasite protection for the month of March.

Dr Lyndel


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