Wednesday 9 March 2016

Home Euthanasia

We at Bendigo Animal Hospital understand how difficult and emotional it is to say a final good bye to your beloved pets.  When the time comes, it should be as peaceful and gentle as possible.

Feel reassured it is a blessing we are able to end your pet’s suffering  humanely, so it is important to be brave and take the time to prepare the entire family.  Think about whether you would like your pet to be buried or cremated, as our compassionate staff can guide you through this process beforehand. 

Your pet will be in familiar surroundings and all the family can attend. If organised beforehand, our staff are able to bring your pet’s body back for burial or cremation.

We work closely with the trusted team at Bamgani Pet Cremations to offer you the choice of pet cremation or burial. To find out more about them visit

Bear's family recently had to make this heart breaking decision after his battle with a serious illness. The family were able to say their goodbye's and he was put to sleep in the privacy of his own home.

For home euthanasias we require a couple of days notice to ensure we have enough available staff. This is done during weekday afternoons usually between 12 and 4 pm, when one of the doctors and a nurse will come to your home. 
Please understand this service is not for emergency situations when critical equipment, extra staff and medication is required.
Contact our staff for pre booking, costs and any further advice you might require. Some limitations may apply depending on your location.