Wednesday 21 August 2013

Planning For Your Fur-Kid's Future

Last week I had the rewarding experience of being thanked for good advice. I was on an after-hours call seeing a young unwell dog. This was yet another significant veterinary expense the owner would be claiming back through his pet insurance. The owner was very thankful for my advising him to get pet insurance when I first saw his dog as a puppy.

I frequently see puppy owners weighing up the cost of pet insurance. It is worth considering that the initial costs of purchasing or adopting a pet are usually insignificant when compared with the ongoing care your pet needs.
As your pet’s veterinarian I see how hard it can be to weigh up the unexpected costs of veterinary care with household budgets. Veterinary healthcare is constantly advancing, improving outcomes for our pets and we are evolving too, with most of us considering our pets as an important part of our families deserving of the best health care. Of course with the progression of veterinary health care and more options for our pets the possible expense increases as well. When faced with an unexpected accident or illness it is enough to worry about your pet’s recovery without having to compromise on their care because of cost.

We are in the fortunate position at Bendigo Animal Hospital to offer puppies and kittens an exclusive four weeks free pet insurance through Petplan. This is a great opportunity to be covered for free right from the start with no obligation. You might use the time to shop around and consider other providers or even make a claim as some of our puppies already have with their free coverage. If you would like some more information about how to choose an insurance provider or if you would like to talk about the possible benefits to your pet, please feel free to give us a call, I would be happy to discuss the options.

When your pet is insured both you and your veterinarian can devote all their focus to your pet’s care rather than weighing the costs.

Dr Lyndel Jeffery