Tuesday 3 November 2015

Senior Wellness Program

On average, most cats and dogs are approaching the senior stages of life around seven years of age, depending on their breed and previous health conditions. While at this age they may not outwardly appear old, certain changes are progressively taking place. These changes can affect the metabolism, special senses, behaviour and various organs. Some of the most common diseases that vets see in senior animals include:

-           Osteoarthritis
-           Dental/periodontal disease
-           Kidney disease
-           Heart disease
-           Cancer
-           Thyroid disease
-           Eye disease
-           Neurological disease
-           Diabetes
-           Skin disease
-           Urinary tract disease
It is around the age of seven years that we recommend that pets undergo regular health checks and screening for age-related illnesses. Ensuring that your senior animal receives this veterinary attention will assist in the early detection of age-related illness. This in turn allows optimal veterinary care to be initiated, which may increase longevity and enhance the quality of life of your pet.
We are now offering a Senior Wellness Program to help ensure that your aging furchild receives the special veterinary care that they require. Our Senior Wellness Program allows us to evaluate your animal individually and provide you and your pet with the ongoing support and treatment that is required in their senior years.
Our Senior Wellness program includes:
-           Twice yearly wellness exam and assessment of weight, diet, behaviour and parasite control
-           Annual vaccination
o          F4 for cats- feline parvo and upper respiratory tract disease (cat flu- herpes, calcivirus and chlamydiophila)
o          C5 for dogs- canine parvo, contagious hepatitis, distemper
 and canine cough
-           Annual urinalysis
-           Annual blood screen (complete blood cell count, biochemistry profile, T4 and cholesterol)
-           FIV snap test for cats (first year only)
-           Heartworm snap test for dogs (first year only)
Members of the Senior Wellness Program will also benefit from a number of in-clinic discounts, including:
-           10% discount on merchandise and parasite preventatives (excludes food and nutrition)
-           Membership into our loyalty program for all foods and nutrition
-           10% discount on screening x-rays or ultrasounds
-           10% discount on recommended surgical procedures
-           20% discount on dental scale and polish (excludes extractions)
-           20% discount on long term heart medications
-           Complimentary nail trims

For more information about our Senior Wellness Program and how it can help your furchild live a long and healthy life please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.
We look forward to helping you and your animal enjoy their twilight years.

Dr Jess